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Bug Bounties

Arcane Security participates in active bug bounty programs sourced from other organizations such as HackerOne, BugCrowd, and more. Arcane Security's bug bounty team aims to provide individuals with professional, hands-on experience while also servicing the industry.

Why Hunt for Bugs?


Participating in bug bounties provides security professionals with real, hands-on experience in penetration testing.


There is no set schedule for bug bounties; Individuals don't need to dump full-time hours to gain experience.


Most bug bounty programs provide financial compensation for vulnerabilities or bugs found. This can even turn into full-time income.

Join Arcane's Bug Bounty Team!

Think you got what it takes to join our team? Are you wanting to gain more practical penetration testing experience while being led by industry professionals? Apply now to become part of Arcane Security's Bug bounty team! Send technical resumes to

*Bug bounty rewards are distributed to our team on a submission basis

Apply Now!

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