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What We Can Do for You

Penetration Tests

A comprehensive manual security test of your web application or network carried out by our trained and certified wizards to uncover the vulnerabilities hiding in your digital environments. 

Vulnerability Scans

An in-depth scan of your web apps, networks, and hosts To reveal any known security vulnerabilities and ensure that your infrastructure is meeting security best practices. 

CTF Development

Wanting to get into Cybersecurity? Arcane Security members have successfully launched multiple Capture-The-Flag Cybersecurity competitions reaching hundreds of individuals.

Cyber Threat Assesment Simulations

Are you wanting to secure all technical aspects of buildings? Do you need to make sure that your physical assets are secure? Arcane Security uniquely offers Cyber Threat Assessment Simulations (CTAS) to provide an in-person complete red team penetration test.

"To build a company to help those in need and give businesses peace of mind...that is my goal. "

-Trevor Baines

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